Ramadan Series: Iftar Plan for 30 days


I am planning to post iftar ideas everyday for 30 days inshaa Allah. I’ll try to post three recipe links which is already there in the blog every night, so planning iftar would be easier for you the next day. So, here it is

DAY 29:

Halawet el Jibn

Butter Chicken Quesadilla

Sesame Prawn Toast

DAY 28:

Chicken Parcels

Pizza Bombs

Kanafe Naame

DAY 27:

Chicken Poppers with Honey Mustard Sauce

Chicken Ranch Burritos

Sweet corn chicken soup

DAY 26:

Cashew Chicken Stuffed Buns

Halawet el Riz

Hot Sauce Chicken Sandwich

DAY 25:

Tandoori Chicken Samboosa

Malabar Chicken Soup

Chicken Club Sandwich

DAY 24:

Mini Chicken Puff Pies

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Spicy Coconut Lemonade

DAY 23:

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla

Malva Pudding

Spicy and Tangy Grilled Chutney Sandwich

DAY 22:

Aish e saraya

Chicken Bread Discs

Egg & Veggies Pita Pockets

DAY 21:

Chicken Pinwheel Puffs

Chicken Lollipop


DAY 20:

Curry Chicken Bread Pockets

Chaat Tart

Mango and White Chocolate Trifle

DAY 19:

Pizza on Bun

Almond and Rice Kheer


DAY 18:

Chicken Sandwich

Basbousa Cheesecake

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

DAY 17:

Chicken Tikka Pizza

Pistachio Pudding

Dairy Free Cream Of Chicken Soup

DAY 16:

Cheese Balls

Chicken Shawarma Fries

Pistachio Milk Cake

DAY 15:

Spicy Chicken Roll

Bread Kunafa

Strawberry Lime Soda

DAY 14:

Chicken Meatball stuffed Cheesy Garlic Rolls

Mango Falooda with Rabri

Chicken Caesar Salad

DAY 13:

Crazy Crust Pizza

Rose Milk Cake

Pappa Roti

DAY 12:

Tortilla rollups

Luqaimat with cream

Fresh Peach Lemonade

DAY 11:

Chicken Bread Cups

Aloo Tikki Sliders:

Coconut Creme Caramel

DAY 10:

Fried Chicken Popsicle

Kataif Asaferi


DAY 9:

Arayees/ Ara’ees

Caramelized Banana and Coconut Sandwich

Watermelon Lime Slushy

DAY 8:

Pizza on Bun

Carrot Halwa Spring Roll

Cashew Milkshake

DAY 7:

Chicken and Veggie Cheese Balls

Garlic Bread without Cheese

Pistachio Kunafa

DAY 6:

Shawarma Filo Rolls


Chilled Cream Fruit Salad

DAY 5:

Fried Chicken Buns

Aleesa/ Alsa/ Harees

Bread and Butter Pudding with Caramelized Nuts

DAY 4:

Fried Chicken Pies

Egg Chutney Kebab

Flourless Coconut and Almond Cake

DAY 3:

Moroccan Almond Cigars

Pazham pori/Banana Fritters

Chicken Fatira

DAY 2:

Kerala Style Egg Puff

Cheesy Chicken Sliders

Mafroukeh Truffles

DAY 1:

Kozhiada/ Chicken Pockets


Mango Ginger Lemonade

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  1. Thank you, this is a life saver. I was waiting for this like last year’s. Appreciate for all your hardwork.

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