Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala, succulent pieces of roasted chicken tikka in thick and spicy tomato based gravy. Chicken tikka masala is a very popular dish which you can find in almost all Indian restaurants. It is a close cousin to butter chicken. But I feel that the flavors are more intense in chicken tikka masala. AsRead more

Lazy Day Chicken Masala

A very simple and flavourful Chicken masala, made by cooking all the ingredients along with the chicken. No separate sautéing of ingredients needed. Perfect recipe for those lazy days.     Being lazy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Everyone’s been there; you get up late in the morning or you get back fromRead more

Spicy Dry Chicken

Spicy dry chicken – a dry chicken masala recipe that is quick and easy. If you like quick chicken recipes, this one is for you!   This one doesn’t require elaborate cooking. You just have to cook the chicken in all the spices till done and fry them till charred in coconut oil.  Spicy-Dry-Chicken  Btw,Read more