Spicy Coconut Lemonade

Spicy Coconut Lemonade is a very refreshing drink made with coconut water, lemon juice, green chillies and ginger. This drink is perfect during the summers. So people its Ramadan tomorrow, yaaay! Soo so happy! 🙂 This year, Ramadan falls on summer, which means that fasting hours become longer. So during this time try to eatRead more

Thick and Creamy Cashew Milkshake

This cashew milkshake is very verrry thick, creamy and so luxurious. It doesn’t have anything impressive about its looks, but it sure will impress you with its rich, creamy consistency. There is this very small juice centre in Kannur, Kerala named Calicut juice. It was from there that i had my first cashew shake. IRead more

Fresh Peach Lemonade

On hot hot summers days like this, a glass of icy cold peach lemonade is a perfect thirst quencher. Peaches are one of the most delectable summer fruits. It is apt for mixed drinks, as its flavor pairs very well with many other flavors. But its the peach nectar alone which gives the signature summertimeRead more

Watermelon-Lime Slushy

Temperatures are rising and now is the perfect time to have the most refreshing summer drink. Watermelons are in season now and rather than just slicing and eating, they are the perfect ingredient for a summertime slushy! We will be making watermelon-lime slushes with frozen pieces of watermelon rather than with ice. The flavor turnsRead more