Double Layered Tender Coconut Pudding

Double Layer Tender Coconut Pudding is a refreshing and easy-to-make dessert with a light coconut water layer and a creamy coconut milk layer, perfect for hot summer days. I am a big fan of agar-set puddings with that delightful jelly texture, especially when the flavor is tender coconut or anything coconut-related. I made this puddingRead more


Ginger Garlic Paste

This easy-to-make Ginger Garlic Paste stays fresh without changing color for about a month when stored in the fridge. It’s a versatile ingredient that can enhance the flavor of curries, rice dishes, and many other recipes. 

Instant Kulfi Pudding

Instant Kulfi Pudding is a no-cooking, no-fuss dessert that will impress your guests with minimal effort. The rich, velvety texture combined with the crunch of nuts makes it a delightful treat that captures the essence of traditional kulfi. Looking for an instant kulfi pudding for your last-minute dessert preparation? This creamy pudding with nuts andRead more

Freej Swaileh Style Cream Corn Soup

Looking to recreate the flavors of Kuwait’s beloved Freej Swaileh restaurant in your own kitchen? This restaurant-style chicken corn soup is the perfect recipe to try. Known for its creamy texture, savory chicken, and sweet corn, this soup is a flavorful delight that’s sure to become a favorite in your household. This delicious chicken cornRead more

Softest White Loaf Bread

This white bread recipe will be a classic and will be a keeper for you all. This bread is so soft, fluffy and very light. Everybody will think you got this bread from a bakery. Today, I’m excited to share a recipe that has become a staple in my home: super soft homemade white bread.Read more

Chicken Fajita Wraps

Spiced chicken fajita wrapped inside mini tortillas with chilli mayo and butter toasted is the best dinner or lunch you can make within 30 minutes time. The chicken turned out incredibly delicious and juicy and the flavor is just too good to be true.  These flavorful chicken filling can be used as a sandwich filling,Read more

Chocolate Filled Pappa Roti/ Coffee buns

Papa Roti buns, also known as Mexican coffee buns, are exceptionally soft buns characterized by their tantalizing aroma. When you take a bite into the warm bun, you’re greeted with a satisfying crunch from the sweet, caramelized coffee topping that melts like butter in your mouth. Traditionally, Papa Roti buns have a warm, slightly saltyRead more

Ethatha’s Paalada Payasam

Palada Payasam is a classic Kerala-style pudding made from milk and sugar, with its highlight being the palada or rice chips. My sister’s (ethatha) version of this beloved dessert is quick and instant, using rice palada, coconut milk, and condensed milk. The result is so deliciously creamy and sweet that you won’t be able toRead more

Chicken Chukka

A flavorful, spicy, and easy to prepare dry chicken recipe that goes amazingly well with chapathi, porota or even rice.

Spicy Chicken Dumplings with Chilli Oil

Dumplings with Umami flavored spicy chicken filling served with flavor packed chilli oil. There is also a recipe for homemade dumpling wrapper which turns out amazingly good everytime. Recipe fully inspired from mywanderinghome

2 Ingredient Naan-Perfect Soft Naan

Soft homemade Naan bread with just two basic ingredients. Easy and delicious Naan everytime. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a game-changing recipe for two-ingredient perfect naan (excluding the salt) that will elevate your homemade bread game to new heights. With just two simple ingredients and minimal effort, you’ll achieve naan with a heavenlyRead more

Perfect White Chocolate WAFFLES

Get ready to upgrade your breakfast game with these Perfect White Chocolate Waffles! They’re crispy on the outside, soft and chewy inside, with pockets of creamy white chocolate that melt in your mouth. This recipe is super simple, making it a total win for any morning. Dive into these golden beauties that balance the perfectRead more