Apple crisp

Apple Crisp

An extremely easy Apple crisp recipe with caramelised apple on top of buttery and crunchy biscuit, coconut and nuts base. The perfect recipe for an abundant apple season.     I am a huge fan of crisps and crumbles, but I do not feel the same about apples. For some reason I just cannot standRead more

Beetroot Payasam

Today I have for you a highly nutritious, dairy free, delicious dessert, BEETROOT PAYASAM! Just look at it, isn’t it the most amazing colour?  Beets aren’t just for salads anymore. These highly nutritious root vegetables are used worldwide in desserts. I have been noticing the high usage of beets in many baking blogs and cookeryRead more

Naan khatai (Indian cookie)

Wanna have some sweet, scrumptious, crumbly, light, and airy cookies?? Well well, here i have with me a secret hand-crafted formula which gives extremely delicious and melt in your mouth indian cookies named naan khatais. I just love these cookies! Had it for the first time when i was in my 6th grade or so.Read more

Crème caramel

Is there anything better than sinking your spoon into a velvety soft Crème caramel? Ooooh heavenly! Crème caramel or flan, a classic beauty is the next one to come on stage. This super easy pudding is a crowd-pleaser. The main feature of this pudding is its texture. If that is not perfect all is lost.Read more