Caramel Custard, White Chocolate & Mango Trifle Pudding

A delicious trifle pudding, with layers of mango, white chocolate cream, pound cake soaked in mango juice and finally topped with a caramel custard dome. I am not lying, this is one of the best desserts in my blog. This trifle is a perfect dessert for the summer. It is refreshing and light. The juicy,Read more

White Chocolate & Mango Trifle

White Chocolate & Mango Trifle is a very refreshing trifle pudding made with layers of white cake, mango cream mix, fresh chopped mangoes and white chocolate cream mix. Perfect to make during any sort of festival or party. My fourth bloggaversary got over on April and yess I didn’t post anything to celebrate that..sigh.. ButRead more