Ramadan Series 2021- Iftar plan for 30 days

I am planning to post three iftar ideas each day just like last year this time as well as you all liked it. I’ll post recipes which are already there in the blog, so you can plan it for the next day. DAY 27: Potato Chop Chicken Pot Pie Knafe naame DAY 26: Pizza BombRead more

Ramadan Calendars 2021

Ramadan Calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Ramadan until the day of Eid. Throughout Ramadan there will be great Islamic reminders along with a treat until Eid day. Have you guys started prepping for Ramadan? I did, as you can tell with Ramadan Calendars. I wanted to make my son excitedRead more

Ramadan Series: Iftar Plan for 30 days

I am planning to post iftar ideas everyday for 30 days inshaa Allah. I’ll try to post three recipe links which is already there in the blog every night, so planning iftar would be eaaier for you the next day. So, here is the first one. DAY 1: Kozhiada/ Chicken Pockets Znoud-el-Sit Mango Ginger Lemonade