Chocolate Caramel & Biscuit Pudding

A simple Caramel Custard Pudding with crushed biscuits topped with luscious milk chocolate ganache. It is so easy to make but tastes amazing. Caramel custard pudding is a classic, which I’m sure is a favorite for most of you. During my childhood, we just had a few desserts that my mom makes. Caramel custard withRead more

Soft Blender Dough Chapathi with a Secret Ingredient

Delicious chapathi for which the dough is made entirely in the blender without water with a secret ingredient that gives the chapathis a soft texture. Making chapathis can’t get easier than this. If you are like me who doesn’t like to knead the dough for chapathis, then this recipe is totally for you. All thanksRead more

MEAL PLANNING – Part 1 (bulk curry masala to make 12 curries, rice dishes, planning tips and ideas)

Meal planning means planning and prepping your meals ahead of time for the entire week, or some people do it for a whole month. By doing this, you can have an organized life, save money and also enjoy a lot of free time for yourself during the week. Meal planning is like tackling the question,Read more

Chicken Boti Kebab

Indian style Chicken Kebabs, which are boneless chicken with flavorful yoghurt based marinade and cooked until just done. They go very well with rice or chapathi. I made a delicious chicken wrap with this one.  Kebabs are always a favorite here, but I rarely make it at home as I don’t get that soft, tenderRead more

Spicy Lamb Kofta

Kofta, Kebab, Kabob whatever you may call it, these are flavor packed, spicy, and beyond delicious. Serve them with yoghurt tahini sauce and pita bread or alongside rice. This is the first time that I am posting a recipe with minced meat. Kebabs, kheema masala, pasta sauce with minced meat etc are my favorite, butRead more

Buttermilk Biscuits

These buttermilk biscuits are a like a breeze to make and you’ll need only 30 minutes to make it. The outside is lightly crisp while the inside is super light and fluffy with buttery layers throughout. These buttermilk biscuits are not the regular biscuits we know of, the one we dip in tea..nope, not that.Read more

Choco-Cake Bites

Mini bite sized chocolate cakes topped with Nutella which are extremely moist and delicious. It was my son’s Mid-Term break in school this week and as usual he wanted to do something fun. So I thought why not bring the kids for my next YouTube video as you all seem to enjoy videos with them.Read more

Chicken Maqlouba/Maqloubeh

Maqlouba/Maqloubeh is a Palestinian traditional food which literally means upside-down rice. It consists of meat, rice and fried vegetable like potato and eggplant placed in a pot which is flipped upside down at the time of serving. I have been thinking of trying out Maqloubah for a long time and I finally got to makingRead more

Cheese Bread with a No Knead, Melt in the Mouth Bread

A very simple to make cheese bread with a soft, melt in the mouth bread base. The dough can be prepared in no time as it involves only blending the wet ingredients and pouringit into the flour and mixing it together, no kneading required.  This cheese bread resembles the Arabic Fatayer/Manaish a lot but IRead more

Murgh Kalimirch / Pepper Chicken

A spicy chicken curry with a rich, thick gravy flavored with lots of black pepper. This curry goes amazingly well with chapathi or rice.  Have you ever had a recipe which you used to make a lot on repeat and then you stopped making it all of a sudden. Then you just remember that dishRead more

3 Ingredient Tissue Paper Crepes/Dosa (Gluten Free)

Tissue Paper Crepes, Gluten free rice crepes made with just three main ingredients that turns out soft and thin like tissue paper. Have it with Clarified butter (Ghee), sugar and coconut milk for breakfast or with spicy chicken curry for lunch or dinner. It literally melts in the mouth. Here is another amazing recipe whichRead more

Tadka Daal/ Tempered Lentils Curry

Rich lentils (daal) curry with a flavor packed tempering (Tadka) that takes this daal curry to the next level. Have it with rice, chapathi or even just as it is and I promise that it is outrageously delicious. Daal is the most staple dish in most Indian households. All you need is a handful ofRead more