Cheese Bread with a No Knead, Melt in the Mouth Bread

A very simple to make cheese bread with a soft, melt in the mouth bread base. The dough can be prepared in no time as it involves only blending the wet ingredients and pouringit into the flour and mixing it together, no kneading required.  This cheese bread resembles the Arabic Fatayer/Manaish a lot but IRead more

Murgh Kalimirch / Pepper Chicken

A spicy chicken curry with a rich, thick gravy flavored with lots of black pepper. This curry goes amazingly well with chapathi or rice.  Have you ever had a recipe which you used to make a lot on repeat and then you stopped making it all of a sudden. Then you just remember that dishRead more

3 Ingredient Tissue Paper Crepes/Dosa (Gluten Free)

Tissue Paper Crepes, Gluten free rice crepes made with just three main ingredients that turns out soft and thin like tissue paper. Have it with Clarified butter (Ghee), sugar and coconut milk for breakfast or with spicy chicken curry for lunch or dinner. It literally melts in the mouth. Here is another amazing recipe whichRead more

Tadka Daal/ Tempered Lentils Curry

Rich lentils (daal) curry with a flavor packed tempering (Tadka) that takes this daal curry to the next level. Have it with rice, chapathi or even just as it is and I promise that it is outrageously delicious. Daal is the most staple dish in most Indian households. All you need is a handful ofRead more

Chocolate Cavity Cake with Oreo Pudding

A moist Chocolate hot milk cake with a cavity filled with an indulgent Oreo pudding. It is then Topped with Nutella which means you get more deliciousness in every bite. This cake is every chocolate lovers dream. This has a flavorful, moist chocolate cake with a thick layer of rich Oreo Pudding in the centerRead more

Mini Sweet Cheese Fried Bread

Mini deep fried sweet cheese bread which are light, airy and super addictive. Serve it with a generous drizzle of Maple syrup/ Honey/ Nutella and enjoy!! We have been doing a lot of deep frying lately and I think it’s high time I pause it for sometime. But I am so tempted to make thisRead more

Turkish Bazlama-Super Soft Turkish Flatbread

Turkish Bazlama is a yeast leavened flat bread which turns out super soft and fluffy.This is very similar to Indian naan and also Arabic kubus but this is thicker and softer. I love making flatbread which puffs up and forms pockets. It is so satisfying to see the bread puffing up, I feel its anRead more

Chicken Fajita Pull-Apart Sliders

These Pull-Apart Sliders are a crowd pleaser with a flavor packed Chicken Fajita filling, jalapeños and stringy cheese. These Chicken Fajita Pull-Apart Sliders are perfect to have on a cozy evening, tucked inside a blanket on the couch when watching a nice something on TV. We always love to have dinners like this especially onRead more

African Doughnuts/ Doughnut Drops-15 minutes recipe

A very tasty African Doughnuts that is crunchy on the outside but pillowy soft on the inside. These bite sized treats are sure to win the hearts of kids and grown ups alike. We are obsessed with these doughnuts. I warn you, when you know how easy it is to make these doughnuts you’ll beRead more

Extremely Moist Pistachio Cake

Bake this fluffy pistachio cake from scratch with just few basic ingredients that you may already have at home. The result is moist, melt in the mouth cake. If you love baking, then chances are that you will have all the ingredients needed for this recipe in your cupboard. So, if you get asked toRead more

Toffee Pudding

This Toffee Pudding is a no-bake pudding with a buttery biscuit base, a milk pudding, chopped nuts and topped with a light and airy Toffee Cream.  My younger brother, Farhan who is also my best friend is going to get married soon, in shaa Allah. Yes, he is engaged to this sweet girl, Fida whoRead more

Chicken fry-2

A basic chicken fry with a simple marinade of Indian spices along with soya sauce and corn flour. You’ll be hooked to this recipe such that you wouldn’t want to use any other chicken fry marinade for sometime. We love a good plate of chicken fry with lots spices in it, thanks to our strongRead more