3 Ingredient Tissue Paper Crepes/Dosa (Gluten Free)

Tissue Paper Crepes, Gluten free rice crepes made with just three main ingredients that turns out soft and thin like tissue paper. Have it with Clarified butter (Ghee), sugar and coconut milk for breakfast or with spicy chicken curry for lunch or dinner. It literally melts in the mouth. Here is another amazing recipe whichRead more

Nora Dosa/ Gluten Free Lace Pancake/ Froth Pancake

A soft and thin tissue like dosa/pancake which will just melt in your mouth. The batter is whisked well till it turns all bubbly and frothy and the dosa is made by pouring only the frothy part of the batter onto the pan, resulting in a very lace like, super thin dosa. Super easy, lacey, thin,Read more

Vellapam/ Paalappam/ Appam/ Lace Hoppers

Vellappam/ Palappam/ Appam or Lace hoppers is a type of pancake made with fermented rice and coconut batter. It is a common dish in Kerala. It is also very popular in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.     This is a foolproof recipe to get the softest vellapam with a very crispy border each andRead more