Brownie Swirl Cookies

This BROWNIE SWIRL COOKIES are another easy cookie recipe where you make both brownie and cookie dough with a ready box mix. Combine the both and slice into pinwheel shapes and bake. It looks pretty and tastes delicious. I absolutely love making and eating chocolate based desserts and my love for it is evident seeingRead more

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Super easy melty, yummy chocolate chip awesomeness right out of the oven. If you are lazy to make individual cookies, these Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars will be the right choice for you. Life in the time of lockdown is not easy. The amount of stress and anxiety everybody is going through at this time isRead more

White Chocolate Cookies

Rich, buttery chocolate chip cookies which are loaded with chunks of white chocolate and nuts. Make it soft or crispy as per your choice by altering the baking times. I personally love a fresh batch of soft cookies.  Sorry for the disappearing act which I did again. I really didn’t want to stay away fromRead more

Nutella/Lotus Stuffed Skillet Cookies

A gooey skillet cookie filled with Nutella or Lotus Biscoff spread, loaded with chocolate bits. It can be served with a scoop or two of your favourite ice cream and then drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. It can’t get better than this. This is one absolute pan of glory! In one bite of thisRead more

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

   If you are craving chocolate, these are definitely the cookies to make as there are chocolate incorporated in these beauties in three ways: Nutella, chocolate chips and cocoa powder. They are rich, decadent fudgy, dense and thick with…….wait for it… amazing lava like nutella flowing from the center. Yummmy!     If you are oneRead more

Melting Moments

There are so many butter cookie recipes out there! Its hard to pick a favorite. However, I’ve seen that my people particularly give these melting moments cookies special attention. They are so addictive that every time i make these, everyone snacks without stopping until they are all gone. Melting Moments cookies are aptly named forRead more

Naan khatai (Indian cookie)

Wanna have some sweet, scrumptious, crumbly, light, and airy cookies?? Well well, here i have with me a secret hand-crafted formula which gives extremely delicious and melt in your mouth indian cookies named naan khatais. I just love these cookies! Had it for the first time when i was in my 6th grade or so.Read more