Louisiana Chicken Pasta

As you all might have understood by now, i love love LOVE to cook. I love to try out new recipes all the time. I usually don’t like making the same dish over and over again. I get bored. So we don’t have many recipes that are in rotation at home. But when it comesRead more

Thattukada Chicken Fry

Thattukada Chicken Fry, chicken is marinated in lots of spices, crushed ginger garlic, red chillies and fried in coconut oil. The fried curry leaves adds such a wonderful aroma to the fried chicken and the fried masala crumbs takes this fry to the next level.. Thattukada Chicken Fry – Thattukadas are the local street foodRead more

Thai Chicken Salad

Thai food- as exotic as it is- needs no introduction. I simply love it. Wouldn’t miss a chance to eat thai food. But unfortunately I’m not very familiar with cooking thai food. So i have been doing a lot of research lately on thai recipes and i saw this very easy thai chicken salad recipe.Read more

Cheesy Pull Apart Bread

This recipe had been a trend in Pinterest a while back and i had bookmarked it then. I knew that i definitely have to make this. My sister made it once and it had all the yum things in it. Ever since i had been thinking of introducing this gem of a recipe to youRead more

White Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups- A Guest Post for the spice adventuress

This is my second guest post and this time it is for my blogger friend, Dhanya who is the owner of the amazing blog the spice adventuress. To start off, lemme me thank Dhanya for the request of the guest post in her space. It’s definitely an honor which I couldn’t turn down because IRead more

Chicken Pilaf

This is a very delicious and fragrant pilaf/pulao with the flavors of a biryani. Very subtly different from the Biryani is a Pilaf. My understanding of the difference between a Biryani and a Pulao is in its preparation. Biryani is prepared by arranging meat and rice in layers and cooking them together on low flame,Read more

The Best, No-Fail Macaroni Salad Ever

Family gathering? Barbecue party? This classic macaroni salad recipe will be a crowd-pleasing dish that will suit everyone’s tastes. This is one of the easiest and quickest meals or sides to make. Much of it can be prepared ahead of time. The best part is that it is highly customizable. If you don’t like oneRead more

Hot Dog Flowers

Sometimes your normal hot dog sandwiches can get a little boring. I sure was bored with that, so i wanted to do something unique, fun, surprising…..and of course, delicious. I opened my freezer and i saw my good friend, Mr. Puff pastry smiling at me. 😊😊 I definitely wanted to use puff pastry as itRead more

Layered Custard and Chocolate Pudding

Store bought chocolate swiss roll is layered with a rich blend of custard, whipping cream, cream and milk and topped with a thick chocolate sauce. Beautiful!! Ah, this decadent pudding—the ultimate go-to comfort dessert. There is no end to yummy goodness in this stacked dessert. This is a never fail recipe, which is why I alwaysRead more

Chilly Chicken Puff Tart

Ever since my love affair with THIS delicious recipe, I have found countless other ways to eat puff pastry and it’s no wonder given how amazingly easy it is to make any dish with it ( i.e if you have the readymade pastry). You pretty much just need to roll out the puff pastry, topRead more

French Toast Roll-ups

If you are bored with the same breakfast and looking for a way to jazz things up a bit, take a look at this gourmet style french toast roll ups. This recipe offers a fun french toast alternative. There are so many options on what you can fill these with. You can use cream cheese,Read more

Thick and Creamy Cashew Milkshake

This cashew milkshake is very verrry thick, creamy and so luxurious. It doesn’t have anything impressive about its looks, but it sure will impress you with its rich, creamy consistency. There is this very small juice centre in Kannur, Kerala named Calicut juice. It was from there that i had my first cashew shake. IRead more