Layered Custard and Chocolate Pudding

Store bought chocolate swiss roll is layered with a rich blend of custard, whipping cream, cream and milk and topped with a thick chocolate sauce. Beautiful!!

Ah, this decadent puddingβ€”the ultimate go-to comfort dessert. There is no end to yummy goodness in this stacked dessert.Β This is a never fail recipe, which is why I always choose to make this pudding whenever there is any party at home. Each time I get better and better response for this one. Guests would keep coming asking for more. And that makes me feel soooo happy and soo proud of myself.

Well, all the credit goes to the same person who taught me how to make Umm-Ali, who is Shabana, my sis in law. Thanks a tonn for this amazing recipe ammayi. πŸ™‚ Shabana got this recipe from her sweet sister, Sajna and i think she got it from her gorgeous sis in law, Razeena. I am thanking all the three of them. Now I am passing it to you guys. This is perfect for any office party, family reunion, children’s birthday party and so on. So easy to make, yet soooo drool worthy. With the rich chocolate cake and the custard and the chocolate sauce, everyone will love you for this pudding. Do try it and enjoy.

Layered Custard and Chocolate Pudding



  • 375 g chocolate swiss roll

For the custard layer

  • 160 ml or 170g evaporated milk 1 small tin
  • 340 g nestle cream 2 tins
  • 72 g whipping cream powder 2 sachet dream whip
  • 50 g caramel custard powder 1 sachet

For the chocolate sauce

  • 1 cup nesquik powder
  • 170 g nestle cream 1tin
  • 35 g melted butter



  • Make thin slices of the swiss roll cake and place half of it at the bottom of the dish.
  • Blend all the ingredients for the custard layer in a blender for 1-2 minutes.
  • Pour half of this mixture over the cake layer.
  • On top of the custard mixture, again layer with the remaining sliced swiss roll.
  • Pour the remaining custard mixture.
  • Make the chocolate sauce by whiskinfg up all the ingredients for chocolate sauce, till you get a smooth texture. Pour this on top of the prepared pudding and spread it evenly.
  • Refrigerate for 5-6 hours or preferably overnight.

61 thoughts on “Layered Custard and Chocolate Pudding

  1. Thnx for the wonderful recipe.very innovative. But kindly let me know if we should keep it in freezer cos when I made and refrigerated overnight the custard was still runny.renu

    1. Hii renu. Actually there is no need to freeze it. The custard may get too runny if you beat the mixture for too long. But one thing, the custard will be kinda loose only as you can see in my pictures. But not soo runny also that you cant cut it out by maintaining the shape.
      Anyways, hope you liked the taste.

  2. Not just my kids….everybody at home loved it….it’s heavenly….n I’m getting more addicted to ur blog now!!!

    1. Hii fatima. I think it would be better if you use the nesquik powder itself. It tastes really good with that. Lemme know how it turned out if you are trying and do send the picture too. I would love to see them. πŸ™‚ tc.

  3. Salaam Maryam! Hmmm I’m not quite sure about it. Nesquik has that real chocolate flavor. Im not sure about milo. I think you can go ahead and give it a try. Lemme know how it was. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi.i made this pudding this weekend and it was a super duper hit.thank you so much for sharing this tasted so nice and me hubby and kids enjoyed it equally.

  5. Hi.. Looks yummy. I want to make this but I m not able to find custard caramel powder and whipping cream powder. Plz tell substitutes for them

    1. Helloo Parul! Instead of whipping powder, try using whipped cream (i meant whip up some whipping cream adding powdered sugar, till stiff peaks form) and substitute caramel custard powder with any instant ready made vanilla pudding or else make custard with custard powder. As said in the original recipe, don’t blend in the blender, instead just mix the evaporated milk and nestle cream in a bowl. Then lightly fold in the custard or pudding and then the whipping cream. Then do the rest as said in the original recipe.

      Hope this helped. But i am not sure if you will get the same result as the original, as i didn’t make this way before. But do try it and lemme know.

      N put sugar while making custard too.

  6. Does the custard have to be set before spreading the chocolate sauce?will it not get mixed with the custard?

  7. Tried dis Dessert…It turndup very well everyone loveddd it especially kdz.Thanx fr sharin sch a Yummlicious one

  8. Assalamualaikum..tried dis yummy pudding wz yummy.jazakallah khair…wantd to share pics with u..

  9. i came across this recipe in 2017 i think and i have made it a lot of times. this recipe has now become my fav go-to chocolate pudding to make. thank you for sharing this deliciousness thing with us <3

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