Schezwan Style Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop Helloooo people! Nice to see you all after a long long time. Hope you guys didn’t forget me. Where have I been? A combination of personal issues, laziness, and technical issues that have resulted in this blogging lapse. I am so sorry i couldn’t keep my word last time and post regularly. ThisRead more

Chicken Nachos

Chicken nachos- a super fun appetizer, or a perfect first course for any party or like how we have it – the main course. Im sure most of you have tried this before, but if you haven’t, i swear this is going to be your new favorite. Actually there are just three serious ingredients toRead more

Chocolate Tiramisu

Heyy all! I know, its been an incredibly long time since my last post. Actually i had taken a month break intentionally as i was very busy with other stuff. Now that i am back, hopefully i will be posting again regularly with full enthusiasm, lots of different recipes for you guys. So stay tuned.Read more

Shish Taouk Wraps

Homemade shish taouk…yeah!! You know i wouldn’t post a recipe that i don’t love. Well, I’m in love with this recipe. I have cracked the shish taouk code. And its seriously awesome. For those of you who are not familiar with shish taouk, according to wikipedia, it is a traditional Arabic and Turkish kabab, whichRead more

Mediterranean Chicken Pulao

Rice is a staple in most Asian houses. Whether it is steamed rice along with a curry, or rice dressed up with spices and other ingredients for a flavorful one-pot meal like the classic biryani or pulao or pilaf. This dish of chicken, rice and spices is found all over the Arab Peninsula and hasRead more

Dynamite Shrimps

This shrimp dish has been on my reading list for few months, and I just got around to finally making it yesterday. This dynamite shrimp is a slight copy cat of the famous dynamite shrimp at P.F.Chang’s. It’s deep fried shrimps tossed in a creamy, sweet and spicy sauce. Sounds really simple but they areRead more

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Looking for a gooey, moist and intense chocolate treat? Then try this extremely decadent Chocolate Lava cake that boasts of a lovely super moist devil’s food chocolate cake combined with the richness of chocolate fudge. Top it off with some creamy vanilla ice cream and a 2 ingredient Magic Shell Ice Cream topper, and youRead more

Chicken Sliders

These little burgerettes are the newest creation out of my kitchen. These trendy mini burgers, known as sliders are packed with big flavor. Some of you might have heard the term sliders, but would not have had a clear idea as to what it was. A slider is a tiny sandwich, served on a teenyRead more

Love is in the Cake❤️

Are you guys ready for a love filled post? ♥ I know I am! February 14th and hidden heart cake, hmmm no no! I am not big on celebrating Valentine’s day. But yeah, this sure is a day to celebrate for me. Because this was the day i met my best friend, my first love,Read more

Butterscotch Milkshake with Chocolate Peanut Butter hot Fudge

As you can make out from the name itself, this milkshake is simply out of this world!! The base of the milkshake is vanilla ice-cream blended with this super easy homemade butterscotch sauce, a little splash of milk, vanilla extract AND the best part, chocolate peanut butter hot fudge smeared all around the glass whichRead more

Louisiana Chicken Pasta

As you all might have understood by now, i love love LOVE to cook. I love to try out new recipes all the time. I usually don’t like making the same dish over and over again. I get bored. So we don’t have many recipes that are in rotation at home. But when it comesRead more

Thattukada Chicken Fry

Thattukada Chicken Fry, chicken is marinated in lots of spices, crushed ginger garlic, red chillies and fried in coconut oil. The fried curry leaves adds such a wonderful aroma to the fried chicken and the fried masala crumbs takes this fry to the next level.. Thattukada Chicken Fry – Thattukadas are the local street foodRead more