Fiesta Friday Anniversary Celebrations- Chocolate Almond Pie

Whoaa!! Its been a year since the novice gardener, Angie started conducting the fun filled Fiesta Friday. Congratulations sweetie! You have done an amazing job. So much hard work and dedication you have put in this. Fiesta friday is a virtual party where different bloggers share their lives, laughter, and amazing food creations. Its sooRead more

Gulab Jamun with Rabri

Life after having a baby is never the same. You never know what each day will bring. You never know what to expect. You never know how a little one can so radically affect your life. You never know how much you can love someone until you experience life after having a baby. But beingRead more

Lemon Cake

Im not a person who would go nuts for lemon cake. I didnt even think that i liked it. But then i was at this café a couple weeks ago, and a beautiful slice of lemon cake caught my eye. We bought and ate it within seconds. It was nice and firm with a niceRead more

Ginger Garlic Chicken

Another chicken recipe…yet again, hahaha! By now you guys might have understood my love for chicken. And with this particular recipe, i am truly, madly and deeply in love. 😉 This is the best ginger garlic chicken i have ever tasted. Usually this dish is prepared in a Chinese style where there would be veryRead more

Melting Moments

There are so many butter cookie recipes out there! Its hard to pick a favorite. However, I’ve seen that my people particularly give these melting moments cookies special attention. They are so addictive that every time i make these, everyone snacks without stopping until they are all gone. Melting Moments cookies are aptly named forRead more

Coriander Tomato Chicken

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had much time to cook. However, food is food; you have to satiate your hunger regardless of how busy you are. I wanted to prepare something not overly complicated yet different tonight so I cooked up this nice serving of indian tomato coriander chicken. This is yetRead more

Crazy Wacky Cake ( No eggs, milk, butter or bowls)

An extra-ordinary cake where the batter is made in the baking pan itself and it does not contain eggs, milk or butter. Even then the cake turns out moist and delicious. This sure is a craaazy cake. It is called so because the baking process is pretty out-of-the-ordinary. In all honesty, this is one ofRead more


Helloo my lovelies. I have been away for a good amount of time from blogging and it really feels like its been ages since i blogged. Actually things have been super exciting at our end for the past few months. Our life keyed into a new chapter. It came with tons of joy, lots ofRead more

Sweet and Sour Date-Lemon Pickle

This is the first pickle recipe in my blog, actually this is the first pickle i made ever. But i soo enjoyed making it and eating it, that i cant wait to try out many more pickle recipes. I have always been afraid to make any sort of Indian pickle. There is too much laborRead more

Spicy and Tangy Grilled Chutney sandwich

I am posting a vegetarian recipe after a long, long time. I really suck big time at vegetarian dishes. But i was so happy with the results after making this spicy, tangy, sweet, cheesy vegetable grilled sandwich, that i couldn’t stop myself from posting it. Its too good. My sister, for whom the title ofRead more

Shahi Tukra

Shahi tukra is a dish that is fit for a king. This dish actually belonged to the Nawabi food menu. This dessert is very famous in North India and is a closer cousin to the famous double ka meeta in Hyderabad. Double ka meeta is slightly different from shahi tukra. I will post the recipeRead more

Sesame Prawn Toast

Today I am in the mood for a quick and easy snack. It is one of those dishes you can find in many Chinese restaurants. I am sharing the recipe of the simple, yet delicious sesame prawn toast. Fresh prawns are minced with spring onion, garlic and other spices and spread on sliced bread, coveredRead more