Mutton Garlic

Mutton garlic is a flavorful semi-gravy dish which is cooked with lots of fried garlic. It is then roasted along with other spices till you get dry, slightly crisp mutton pieces which at the same time will be very tender inside. I’m sure this will be your go-to mutton dish once you try it. If you areRead more

Spicy Lamb Kofta

Kofta, Kebab, Kabob whatever you may call it, these are flavor packed, spicy, and beyond delicious. Serve them with yoghurt tahini sauce and pita bread or alongside rice. This is the first time that I am posting a recipe with minced meat. Kebabs, kheema masala, pasta sauce with minced meat etc are my favorite, butRead more

Instant Pot Mutton/Lamb Stew

A very comforting Lamb Stew with amazing flavors, pressure cooked in an Instant Pot. Serve it with rice, bread, couscous or even quinoa. It can be enjoyed on its own as a soup too. I have been looking to buy new pressure cooker as I wanted to replace all of my aluminium cookers. That’s whenRead more

Naadan Mutton Masala (Super Simple)

The easiest Mutton Masala recipe which has true flavors of Kerala. If you are in a hurry and want to finish off your dinner or lunch preps fast, then this recipe is just for you. This doesn’t require chopping lots of onions or tomatoes, sautéing for a long time, slow cooking, or long marination time.Read more

Mutton Sukka

Mutton Sukka is a dry preparation in which the mutton is cooked in aromatic Indian spices.  It is then roasted with sautéed onions and other spices till you get dry, slightly crisp mutton pieces which at the same time will be tender.      You all really like mutton dishes, don’t you? The most viewedRead more

Mutton Handi

A royal mutton/lamb curry which is very popular in the northern regions of India. This is traditionally made in a special clay pot which is called as Handi, that’s why the name. But this can be made in our usual pan too.      The whole cooking for this dish is done in one potRead more

Bhuna Ghosht

Bhuna Ghosht, is a thick, rich curry made with goat meat/lamb where the meat is slow cooked with spices, simmering for long hours, till the sauce is reduced until it is so thick that it clings to the meat, making the meat appear browned.     Dishes cooked in bhuna style are very rich andRead more

Mutton/Lamb Chops Masala

  After two sweet food posts, lets go onto something spicy, meaty and classy. Something with a woow factor. Like this mutton chops i made few days back. This recipe, i am telling you will be a keeper for sure.      I just realized that its been quite sometime since i posted any red meat recipe.Read more

Mutton Do Pyaza

  Today i am going to present a very rich and flavorful mutton recipe. This is my first mutton recipe post, i guess…..yah! It is. I had bookmarked this recipe from this amazing blog ecurry sometime back and finally made it last week. It was exactly what i expected, a spicy dish loaded with flavor….Mutton doRead more