Chemeen Nirachath/ Meenkaayi/ Stuffed Prawns

Steamed rice cakes with spicy prawn filling stuffed inside a pancake made with coconut and fennel seeds flavored rice flour, which is then marinated with red chili powder and shallow fried. Soo yumm!! We love Kallumakayi Nirachath with a passion. That tops the list of our favorite dishes. Kallumakayi Nirachath is a North Kerala specialityRead more

Prawn Fry Masala

A simple Prawn Fry Masala with very few ingredients but has big flavors. Last week we were craving for a hearty prawn dish, not fried prawn which we make on repeat, nor a curry type dish. We wanted something with a nice masala, that is not heavily flavored with spices. I created this dish onRead more

Crisp Prawn Fry

A spicy Prawn Fry with delicious crumbs from the fried marinade. It sure is a mouth watering dish!     Most of the Keralites would be familiar with Calicut Paragon Prawn Fry. I simply love it. Every time we go there this dish never misses our table. I have been trying to recreate it inRead more

Garlic Prawns in Cream Sauce

Pan seared prawns smothered in flavorful homemade cream sauce. This can be your easiest weeknight meal, which goes well with a nice hot bowl of rice, bread or pasta.     This is not a curry, but it does serve the purpose of a curry. But in this recipe I did not use any sortRead more

Fish Thenga/Coconut Curry

Fish Thenga/Coconut Curry, a Kerala style fish curry, with a coconut based thick gravy. Perfect with a bowl of steaming hot white rice, preferably parboiled rice.    Nothing makes me feel more at home than a good old spicy fish curry. I am not a big fan of fish, but I really crave my Mom’sRead more


This fish biryani will be loved by both fish lovers and haters. A dish that would be perfect for a family gathering or just to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.      I rarely make fish biryani at home. I made it just once long back. Biryani means its always chicken or muttonRead more

Kerala Style Red Fish Curry/ Meen Mulagu Curry

A red fish curry/ Meen Mulagu Curry prepared the Kerala way with spices like red chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder. Tamarind is added for the sourness. Tomato paste added to the curry makes the gravy very thick and the coconut oil and fenugreek seeds imparts a very authentic flavour to the curry.  Read more

Simple 6 Ingredient Prawns Roast 

6 ingredient spicy prawns roast!!! You all love these few ingredients, quick fix recipes, don’t ya? So here is another such post for you, just for you! 😃 Last week I stumbled across one of my old posts, 5 ingredient incredibly easy chicken masala and i thought that it’s time to bring another few ingredient recipe hereRead more

Kerala Style Prawns Stew

 Winter fever is here! Yaay! FINALLY!! Freshness, optimism, and better moods all around. It’s a post summer relief that sweeps the city.    During the scorching summers we all usually like to hibernate under the air-conditioning, whereas now everyone is outdoors and Kuwait takes on a festive spirit.    Warm up the coldest day withRead more

Brazilian Prawn Stew/ Moqueca

Give your prawns a Brazilian twist with this spicy prawn coconut milk stew, Moqueca. Moqueca (pronounced “mo-keh-kah”) is a stew, native to the northern state of Bahia in Brazil. It is made with fish, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, red peppers and coconut milk. Most of the places situated in the coastline has their own versionsRead more

Hot and Sweet Chilly Prawns

   If there is one thing that my husband cannot live without,it’s probably prawns. Hehe, yeah prawns!! He loves it that much. But prawns are not very friendly with me though, it gives me allergy. Even then i make prawn dishes very often for him.      I mostly prepare prawns in the South IndianRead more

Sesame Prawn Toast

Today I am in the mood for a quick and easy snack. It is one of those dishes you can find in many Chinese restaurants. I am sharing the recipe of the simple, yet delicious sesame prawn toast. Fresh prawns are minced with spring onion, garlic and other spices and spread on sliced bread, coveredRead more