How to pickle mango and pineapple/ Uppilittath

I love pickled raw mango and pineapple. These are my all time favorites. It is very popular in Kerala and we call it uppilittath. It is a kind of pickle which is terribly easy to prepare and is oil and spice free. Just the thought of these pickled stuff makes my mouth water. I usuallyRead more

How to keep herbs fresh for weeks (coriander, mint and parsley leaves)

I love using fresh herbs in my cooking. So I always keep stock of it in my refrigerator, mainly cilantro (coriander leaves), mint leaves and parsley. But it is a huge challenge to use up that bunch of herbs before it turns brown and slimy. If you store them in the right way, it staysRead more

How to keep fruits fresh for weeks

Keeping strawberries fresh for even a few days has been a challenge for me all this time. Sometimes it gets molded the very next day I buy it and it is very annoying. But I recently started doing something that prevents the strawberries from getting spoiled fast. I wash the berries in a vinegar-water solution,Read more