How to keep herbs fresh for weeks (coriander, mint and parsley leaves)

I love using fresh herbs in my cooking. So I always keep stock of it in my refrigerator, mainly cilantro (coriander leaves), mint leaves and parsley. But it is a huge challenge to use up that bunch of herbs before it turns brown and slimy. If you store them in the right way, it stays fresh for weeks. Here is a step by step guide to store herbs well in refrigerator. 

This is our cilantro and mint leaves which are 2 weeks old and it still looks pretty fresh.


When you get your herbs, do not place them in the refrigerator right away in its plastic cover. Instead, trim the stems down a little, about 1/2-1 inch from the base of the stems.

STEP 2: (Optional)

Wash the herbs under cold water and drain in a colander. Remove all of the dirt. This step is optional but I love to do it, as we can just grab the leaves from the fridge and use right away when needed without having to wash it. Drain the water and lay the herbs on a clean towel in an even layer to dry. I usually keep it for about half an hour and blot any excess water with a kitchen tissue.


Fill a glass jar with water and gather the herbs into a bouquet and insert into the glass jar. The stems should be submerged in water. 


Cover the glass jar with a plastic sandwich bag and secure with a rubber band so that it is secure. Place in the refrigerator. 


Change water every 3 days. Remove yellow or brown leaves as they appear. If there is condensation inside the bag like shown in the picture, wipe it off.

Hope you find this post to be helpful. 🙂

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  1. And then it should be kept outside or in the fridge?
    And ur blog s a great one.. have noted some recipes for an upcoming party..will let u know

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