Helloo my lovelies. I have been away for a good amount of time from blogging and it really feels like its been ages since i blogged. Actually things have been super exciting at our end for the past few months. Our life keyed into a new chapter. It came with tons of joy, lots of diapers, and sleepless nights. Our precious boy, named Syed Hamad entered our lives on October 27th.


Yess, we got promoted to parenthood. Parenthood is hard but it comes with so much bliss at the same time. Cant explain in words how happy, me and Fadal are to have our little bundle of joy, mashahAllah! Finally the moments which i have been waiting for the past nine months have come and it is soo soo beautiful than i ever imagined.


So obviously, cooking and food photography has taken a back seat. My friends, and family keeps asking me about the future of my blog and if i left it at the lime date pickle. Fadal even started saying that he would give away all my food props if i didn’t continue blogging. I was like ‘nooo’. Now i am in full spirit and will come back with lots of new recipes and posts. Hope Hamad will let me do that. I think he will, he is a very good baby. πŸ™‚


Will post a recipe in the next post. Until then, here are some of the snaps of my new love, my son, my Hamad. He is a month old already. Time flies!


Im taking Hamad along with me to Angies fiesta friday where he can enjoy the wide variety of dishes from different bloggers. πŸ™‚

55 thoughts on “A NEW CHAPTER <3

  1. Congratulations dear on your bundle of joy. I had a hunch when you were away for so long, but I wasn’t sure if I could ask such a personal question. But happy to hear of your promotion; enjoy every teeny weeny moment of it.

  2. Congratulations, Sadia and Fadal. God bless Hamad with the best life has to offer. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy every moment as this time cannot be recaptured. We will wait our turn for your super-delicious recipes, including some baby-friendly ones:-)

  3. Assalam Alaikum Sadia….

    Mabrooq… Alf Alf Mabrooq…. to the brand new parents…

    Have been thinking of mailing u since Sonia told me the good news on that blessed day… but have been so busy, n kept forgetting… Now when i read your post with your little Prince’s pic, Masha Allah… i thought i should not delay it even a second….

    I know its not going to be easy to be regular at blogging with your new bundle of joy taking a major portion of your time, but still hoping that you do find time to continue your blog and waiting eagerly for more and more great recipes… ALL THE BEST….

    Sweet kisses to your li’l one and May Almighty Allah bless him, Aameen.


  4. Oh, this is the best news ever!! Congratulations, Sadia!! I’m so happy and excited for you! He’s sooo….adorable and you take such beautiful photos of him and his little feet! How precious! Kisses to little Hamad! <3

  5. Warm congratulations Sadia, Hamad is just wonderful, handsome and I am just so happy for you, Of course blogging takes a back seat, it must your precious bundle will take up much of your time. Look forward to your return to blogging when you can.

  6. Oh Sadia…he is a beautiful baby! Many congratulations to your family on your bundle of joy. πŸ™‚ The photos you’ve shared are absolutely adorable!

  7. Congratulations Sadia!! He’s beautiful…if your hubby sells your props you can always start taking photos of babies because these shots are so great! πŸ™‚

  8. A HUGE congratulations to you and your family, Sadia!! I was wondering where the heck you got to, and now this is the very best news! Hamad is just adorable! So happy that you are back with us and that you brought little Hamad to Fiesta Friday! He will be the star of the show, hands down! Big hugs to you! <3

  9. Oh, what a beautiful post to read! I have been missing your recipes, but seeing this beautiful little bundle of joy totally makes that clear πŸ™‚ Such warm and big congratulations to you. And a loving welcome to the world to Sayed

    1. Hey Afra! Yeah its been ages since i blogged. I missed ur posts too. Will have to jav a look at ur blog too. Im sure i hav lots to catch up. Thnx fr the sweet comment dear. πŸ™‚

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