Tadka Daal/ Tempered Lentils Curry

Rich lentils (daal) curry with a flavor packed tempering (Tadka) that takes this daal curry to the next level. Have it with rice, chapathi or even just as it is and I promise that it is outrageously delicious. Daal is the most staple dish in most Indian households. All you need is a handful ofRead more

Potato Curry in Cashew-Coconut Milk Gravy

A very thick and rich potato curry with a gravy made with coconut milk and cashew nuts. It is spiced very well with the indian spices, and a final touch of kasuri methi and butter gives the curry a whole new taste.     Nowadays I am always in search for good vegetarian recipes, justRead more

Vegetable & Daal Curry in Coconut Milk

A mildly flavored mixed vegetable curry with the goodness of moong seeds and richness of coconut milk.    193 posts and only two vegetable curry recipe in the blog. I know, not a good thing. 😐 Since you guys have been requesting for veg recipes for so long and also because there were so manyRead more

Sri Lankan Eggplant Coconut Curry

Here i am with a vegetarian recipe after a long time. You might have already noticed that there are very few veggie items in my blog. I admit that i suck at vegetarian dishes. I never used to like it much too, maybe because i didn’t know any good veg recipes. But i am reallyRead more

Spicy and Tangy Grilled Chutney sandwich

I am posting a vegetarian recipe after a long, long time. I really suck big time at vegetarian dishes. But i was so happy with the results after making this spicy, tangy, sweet, cheesy vegetable grilled sandwich, that i couldn’t stop myself from posting it. Its too good. My sister, for whom the title ofRead more

Vegetable Korma

This Indian vegetarian dish is rich, creamy, and extremely flavorful. The veggies are sunk in a sauce based on coconut milk and cashews. Vegetable Korma is the best accompaniment with indian breads like chappathi, paratha, poori or naan. But it tastes equally good with plain white rice too. There are a million different variations ofRead more

Grilled Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich

Meat lovers, u wont miss the meat if you have this terrific grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich. Besides all the veggies- eggplant, potatoes, mushrooms( is it actually a veggie? :s) this sandwich has got two other components which will enhance the taste. They are hummus and garlic sauce ( toum sauce). Moreover, you can neverRead more