ekmek kataife

Ekmek Kataife 

Recently I have been doing a lot of research on Greek cuisine. Saved quite a lot of Greek food recipes already. Now, all of those will have to go through lots of trials and tests and I’ll bring in front of you all the best recipes. One such successful recipe was that of EKMEK KATAIF. Read more

Halawet El Riz 

Halawet el riz, is an Authentic Arabic sweet which is a rice, cheese and cream dish. Riz in Arabic means rice. This dessert is a close cousin to Halawet el jibn in taste and flavor. This dish has two layers to it. The bottom layer is made of rice and mozzarella cheese. The second layer or topRead more

Carrot Halwa Spring Roll

Indian desserts, are such a treat!! Rasmalai, Rasgolla, Kheer, Gulab Jamun and Gajar/Carrot Halwa are few of the popular ones from among the huuuuuge list of delicious desserts. When i think of carrot halwa, both my brothers faces come in my mind. They are crazy about this sweet. As a matter of fact they areRead more

Easy Ricotta Rasmalai 

I love desserts! All kinds. But rasmalai will be my all time favorite. Nothing can beat that. That’s why i chose Rasmalai  to be my first post in the blog. For those of you who are not familiar with this dessert, Rasmalai is a decadent Indian sweet which is basically cottage cheese (called chenna traditionally)Read more

Chocolate Poke Cake Cheesecake

This cake is amazing, because it combines all things great!!…chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, and cheesecake! Ok, i really feel like having a piece of it now. But, it’s no more. It has already been gobbled up. I should have saved a piece, sigh! Anyways, let me tell you guys a little about the cake. ItRead more

Doughnut Icecream Sandwich with Hot Fudge 

  Baked or deep fried, rolled in powdered sugar or drenched in glaze or dipped in melted chocolate….I don’t discriminate when it comes to my faaaaaavorite food. I have a thing for doughnuts. I love it.     I always try to avoid buying them. Coz seriously i have this extreme obsession that i HAVE toRead more

Easiest 5 minute Twix Pudding

   Here is a super quick pudding for you all, just 5 mins prep time and the pudding is all ready. Okay, max prep time would be 10 mins flat. It’s soo easy and you just need 5 ingredients for this.    I made this with Twix chocolate bars, but you can use mars orRead more

Biscoff-Oreo Popsicles

Its Hot!! Really HOT outside! Can’t wait for winter. LETS MAKE SOME POPSICLES to cool off!! I’m talking about layered popsicles, with layers of oreo aaaand biscoff spread. I hope you’ve had a chance to try this amazing product, biscoff spread that has been all the rage for some time now and it has foodiesRead more

Molten Lava Basbousa/ Semolina Cake

Eid ul Adha is just around the corner, definitely the time when our minds are busy with recipes for fantastic lunch and delicious desserts.Well, here i have for you the recipe of the traditional middle eastern dessert basbousa with a slight twist. It has a molten chocolatey lava flowing from it. Sounds good, right? ItRead more

Pudding Cake with Kinder Ganache

This cake started innocently with a simple, basic vanilla cake made in a tart pan, and then a custard whipped cream on top. But something happened along the way when i realised that there are some of my favorite kinder maxi bars lying in my kitchen shelf. So i quickly made a nice thick ganacheRead more

Kinder Caramel Trifle/ The 100th post

 Aaah! time flies when you are having fun. This post marks my 100th! Woo hoo! I am grateful to one and all who supported me with this blog. I am giddy that I actually kept up with this blog and have made it this far! Blogging has become very important to me over the pastRead more

Chocolate Cake Pizza

    Hello people! Soo sorry, i went missing for sometime. I was in Kerala, enjoying my vacation. Hah! It was a much needed break for me n Fadal, little Hamad was a little cranky though, as it was a new place for him. But he got adjusted pretty soon.     I must say that monsoonRead more