Crispy Fried Chicken Strips

Super Crispy Fried Chicken made with buttermilk, spice rubbed chicken and seasoned flour is crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside. Perfect treat for your little ones. We love homemade comfort food like these delicious chicken strips. I make this very often for my son, who is a big fan of allRead more

Banana Fritters/ Pazham Pori

Pazham Pori is a popular snack from Kerala made with ripe plantains. Banana slices are dipped in a flour batter and deep fried. With this recipe, you will get  crisp banana fritters everytime.  Pazham pori…oh my God!!! I just love these. Served warm and crisp with a hot cup of chai is the best snackRead more

Chicken & Veggie Cheese Balls

Chicken and Veggie Cheese Balls are tasty treats to serve your guests for a party. It has a chicken and veggie outer covering which is a flavor bomb. The highlight is the gooey, cheesy centre with small bits of jalapeños. These cheese balls are then breaded and deep fried or baked till golden brown andRead more

Fried Chicken Buns

Fried Chicken Buns consists of a spicy, saucy chicken filling encased in bread dough, covered in bread crumbs and then deep fried till golden brown.      This delicious buns are similar to the famous Japanese Curry Bread or Kare Pan. But they are not exactly the same. In Kare Pan, it has a curryRead more

Cheesy Bread Cups (Chicken/Veg)

These cute little cups made with sandwich bread are filled with a delicious chicken filling, topped with olives, jalapenos, white sauce and mozzarella. It is then baked till the bread turns crisp and the cheese melts beautifully. Who can resist these cute little bites?     So FINALLY, here is my first Ramadan post. IRead more

Kerala Style Egg Puff

Flaky and buttery puff pastry wrapped around boiled egg and a Kerala style spicy onion mixture. Perfect snack to have in the evening with a hot cup of chai.     One of the most popular snacks you can find in the bakeries in Kerala are freshly baked spicy Egg Puffs. But I don’t haveRead more

Spicy Chicken Roll

Spicy chicken rolls derived from the classic cinnamon rolls recipe. The same soft and fluffy rolls filled with a spicy homemade tomato sauce and a flavorful chicken filling. Mozzarella cheese is added to make this dish extra rich and definitely yummy.     I went missing again for sometime because I had gone out forRead more

Cheese Balls

These cheese balls are going to be your new favorite starter. You just have to make instant Ramen noodles, mix it with a delicious chicken and veggie mix, roll them into balls, bread it and fry them in this bite sized form and you have one amazing appetizer.      With this recipe our ultimateRead more

Pizza on Bun

Soft buns topped with spicy chicken stuffing, chili sauce, a creamy white sauce and finished with gooey mozzarella cheese. Delicious it is! These Pizza on Bun is something I remember eating a lot as a child. I used to love this and I devour it even more now. I had completely forgotten about this dish until justRead more

Egg Chutney Kebab

Deep fried crispy Egg Kebabs with a delicious coating of Coconut Chutney. Have this hot Kebabs with a glass of Indian Karak Chai and enjoy.  Today I am invited as a guest over at Huma’s space, Ghaza e shirin. Huma had approached me to do a guest post for her annual Ramadan Event with aRead more

Aloo Tikki Sliders

Aloo Tikki which is a North Indian speciality are mashed potato cakes with herb and Indian spices. Present these cute little nuggets in the form of sliders with a nice slather of coriander chutney and tangy tamarind chutney and enjoy all the praises.    Yes, exactly. When you have a party or a gathering itRead more

Moroccan Almond Cigars

Crunchy phyllo pastry stuffed with an orange blossom water fragranced almond filling which is then drenched in sugar syrup.     This sweet dish reminds me so much of the Moroccan biscuits which I think are called Ghoribas. I had completely forgotten about those. I remember my sister used to get these delicious Moroccan biscuitsRead more