Mini Prawn White Pizza

This cheesy white pizza boasts of subtle, garlic flavored white sauce, shallow fried prawns which adds flavor and a good amount of melty mozzarella cheese.  If you are looking for a non oily appetizer recipe, here is a good one for you. This Ramadan, me and Fadal are trying to avoid greasy food as much as weRead more

Kozhi Ada/ Chicken Pockets

Kozhi Ada/ Koyiada/ Chicken pockets is a Malabar Muslim delicacy. These are crispy wrappers filled with a spicy and flavorsome chicken filling. Kozhi Ada or Koyada as how we call it, is the most popular snack that comes from the North Malabar household. This is hands down my all time favorite appetizer. My mom makesRead more

Chicken Shawarma Fries

Chicken shawarma on crisp French Fries along with all the toppings possible giving this starter dish burst of flavors.     These loaded Chicken Shawarma Fries are simply perfect when you feel like eating shawarma but don’t feel like getting out to the restaurant to grab one.  This was just an experiment because I loveRead more

Chicken Meatball Stuffed Cheesy Garlic Rolls

Soft garlic rolls stuffed with flavor packed chicken meat balls and topped with mozzarella cheese which is then baked to perfection till gooey and hot.     I love all things small, like these cute little buns/ rolls. I am a little obsessed with these buns and really enjoy turning these into gooey, yummy fingerRead more

Fire Chicken/ Indian Dynamite Chicken

Batter fried, crispy chicken chunks tempered with mustard seeds, chili flakes and curry leaves and coated with a spicy mayo sauce giving a dynamite flavor explosion.     I have been scripting the recipe for this delicious fire chicken in my mind for a long time now. It started going on an endless loop inRead more

Pappa Roti/Mexican Buns/Roti Boy

These are pillowy soft, butter flavored sweet buns with a crispy coffee flavored topping and butter filling. They have different names like PappaRoti, Mexican Buns, Coffee Buns, and Roti Boy.     Pappa Roti, this name won’t be unfamiliar to most of you. If you have not heard of this, then I am pretty sure that you willRead more

Mini Chicken Puff Pies

Mini Chicken Puff Pies with a spicy chicken filling. These are perfect mini treats which are great for groups if you wish to share. Don’t these pies looks so adorable? I noticed that you all love appetizers and so I am very excited to post the recipe of this delicious, super easy Mini Chicken PuffRead more

Cashew Chicken Stuffed Buns

These are the softest and fluffiest homemade pull-apart buns and they are filled with delicious Cashew Chicken. Doesn’t these rolls look amazing? When you bite into it, it will hit you with the most pleasant burst of flavors. The cashew chicken tucked inside is awesome. I can’t decide which part I like more, the theRead more

Garlic Bread (Without Cheese)

This delish and simple garlic bread without cheese is the perfect accompaniment with pasta, pizza or you can just have it alone. It is so good that you will be in Garlic Bread heaven when you have it. 🙂     This garlic bread is one of the easiest thing that you can make anytime.Read more

Goli Baje/ Mangalore Bhajji

Goli Baje/ Mangalore bajji are deep fried fritters made mainly with all purpose flour, rice flour and yoghurt. It is so addictive and very delicious. The super crispy exterior and the fluffy, pillowy soft interior is the main feature of this dish. Serve this with coconut chutney and enjoy it as your breakfast or asRead more


Aleesa or Harees is a one pot wheat porridge made with chicken/ lamb and few spices. It originated in the Middle East but is also a popular dish among the Mappila of Kerala. This recipe which I posted here is the Mappila version. This particular recipe has been requested so many times by so manyRead more

Curry Chicken Bread Pockets

A curry flavoured creamy chicken filling stuffed inside crispy bread pockets.    Ramadan is coming to an end and so is my Ramadan series. This is going to be my last post for Ramadan this year. Had a great time posting different recipes of appetizers and thank you sooo much guys for the huge responseRead more