Chicken Crepe Bake

Savory crepes wrapped around a creamy chicken filling, topped with a cream cheese thick sauce and mozzarella. I always wanted to try out baked chicken crepes. But I had doubts if it will taste good. But it really tastes like a pasta dish, where the pasta is substituted with crepes. This was one dish whichRead more

Korean Chicken Bao Bun

Super soft, pillowy steamed buns with a spicy Korean chicken filling. Have you ever tried bao buns? These pillowy soft buns are simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. These are fluffy buns with succulent pieces of chicken popcorn coated with sweet and spicy sauce, adorned with crisp veggies like cabbage and onions and garnished with sesame seeds and freshRead more

Malai Chicken Paratha

A crisp and delicious paratha box with a creamy and rich malai chicken filling. If you love paratha and also creamy malai chicken curry or malai kebab, this one is definitely for you. I actually combined three recipes for this: Malai Chicken, Malai Chicken Kebab and Paratha. I was too happy with the outcome. CrispRead more

Chicken Bread Roulade

A baked bread roll with a white sauce chicken filling. The garlic butter which is generously brushed on the bread roulade gives an amazing buttery, garlic bread taste to it. Ramadan 2020 is almost here. But we have to undergo enforced separation at a time when socializing is encouraged. This holiest month is a timeRead more

Fried Buns Chicken Sandwich

Mini chicken sandwiches in homemade fried buns with a saucy, spicy chicken filling. Perfect treat for your children and adults alike. I made this delicious mini sandwiches for my kiddos last week and it turned out great. I wanted to make mini bite sized sandwiches and also wanted something crunchy. So I combined two recipesRead more


Muttapam is a traditional Malabar breakfast item which is eaten with sugar. The batter is made mainly with rice and egg. I never knew that you all liked to see traditional Malabar recipes here on the blog. I was so happy with the overwhelming response I received on the kunhi kalthappam post which I postedRead more

Kunhi Kalthappam/ Fried Rice Cakes (Gluten free dish)

Kunhi Kalthappam is a sweetened rice cake and is a speciality in the Muslim cuisines in Kerala, India. Kunhi kalthappam is a very delicious snack which I always enjoyed. I am not a great fan of unniappam but this one, I love. My Husband has been asking me to make this for sometime now, butRead more

Fried Chicken Kebab (Version 2)

A south Indian style flavor packed super crisp chicken fry. This fried chicken kebab is extremely  simple to make, just require the basic Indian spices and few other ingredients which will be easily available at home. The chicken will be juicy and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside- this is the bestRead more

Chicken Fatira

Fatira is a flatbread that is a popular breakfast and snack item. It is made by pressing the dough very thin and adding chicken filling and finally folding all four sides to create a package. It is then shallow fried in oil till it gets crisp on outside. I am sure that the term fatiraRead more

Arayes/ Ara’es/ Araees

Arayes are pita bread sandwiches stuffed with meat (I used chicken), tomato, onion and different spices. This is a popular street food item throughout the Middle East and has different names in different countries. Arayes is my favorite Arabic food. During my childhood, whenever we go to Arabic restaurants (which was a rare thing becauseRead more

Tortilla Roll-Ups/Pinwheels

These saucy chicken tortillas are perfect for any party or get-together. Made with mouthwatering fried chicken filling and a flavorful mayo-tahini sauce which is rolled in soft tortillas, they’ll definitely be a favorite! I’m a big fan of anything with tortillas…burritos, quesadillas, wraps and now this roll ups/pinwheels. This is amazing as you can makeRead more

Fried Chicken Pies

A savory fried pie which boasts of a buttery pie crust which can be filled with chicken, beef, veggies etc and then deep fried to perfection. This delicious fried bite sized appetizer is perfect to have during Iftar or just anytime of the day. This is a lot similar to our traditional Malabar Kozhi Ada/Read more