Movie-Theatre Style Snack Box

Here is a hack to make family movie night fun for the kids. This snack box made out of cereal box is a cheap and perfect way for kids and even adults to munch on snacks by placing the box on their lap over the couch. You can add whatever snacks you like into it and even decorate the boxes with colorful papers and stickers or just use the box as it is.

Movie Night Snack Box


  • Pen Knife
  • Empty Cereal Boxes
  • Tape/ Glue
  • Wrapping Paper and Stickers (Optional)
  • Snacks and Drinks


  • Stick the open part of the box with a tape/glue.
  • Cover the box with wrapping paper and decorate it with stickers.
  • With a pen trace out the shape of the bowl/ drinking glass that you will be using.
  • Next carefully cut out the shapes using a pen knife.
  • Insert the bowl, glass etc in the cavities that you have created in the box.
  • Fill it with popcorn, crisps, drinks and other goodies and secure it in the box.
  • Enjoy the movie with the goodies in the snack box.