Kunhi Kalthappam/ Fried Rice Cakes (Gluten free dish)

Kunhi Kalthappam is a sweetened rice cake and is a speciality in the Muslim cuisines in Kerala, India. Kunhi kalthappam is a very delicious snack which I always enjoyed. I am not a great fan of unniappam but this one, I love. My Husband has been asking me to make this for sometime now, butRead more

Poori/ Puri

An Indian puffed up bread made with whole wheat flour. Hey all! Here is the recipe for perfectly puffed up poori. It took me really long to post this recipe and there is a reason for it. Few months back I had posted an Instagram story of me frying puffed pooris.. And I got aRead more

Nora Dosa/ Gluten Free Lace Pancake/ Froth Pancake

A soft and thin tissue like dosa/pancake which will just melt in your mouth. The batter is whisked well till it turns all bubbly and frothy and the dosa is made by pouring only the frothy part of the batter onto the pan, resulting in a very lace like, super thin dosa. Super easy, lacey, thin,Read more

Easy Dinner Rolls

These are very simple to make dinner rolls comes out buttery, tender, light and fluffy.  It tastes heavenly. There is nothing better than a warm, homemade dinner roll, especially when it is spread with some soft butter. You can have these rolls with some fried chicken/ grilled chicken/ creamy curry – you name it. I love to haveRead more

Batura without Yeast

Baturas are deep fried puffed up bread which is a popular bread in North India. This is served usually with Chole (Chickpeas) but it goes very well with non veg curries too.     No matter if you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Batura is a favorite in many homes and my home is noRead more

Rice Dosa/ Rice Crepes

Soft, thin and light crepes made out of rice flour and cooked rice. Now you know what to do if you have left over rice.      Making this rice dosa is almost like preparing those instant dosa as this one requires no fermentation or presoaking of rice. You can make these crepes whenever youRead more

Malabar Porota

Malabar Porota, Parota or Barota is a layered flatbread made from all purpose four which required a lot of kneading in order to get a soft dough. This flat bread is flaky and fluffy, crisp, yet soft. This is a delicacy of the Malabar region of North Kerala.  The famous Malabar Porota, even though weRead more

Pappa Roti/Mexican Buns/Roti Boy

These are pillowy soft, butter flavored sweet buns with a crispy coffee flavored topping and butter filling. They have different names like PappaRoti, Mexican Buns, Coffee Buns, and Roti Boy.     Pappa Roti, this name won’t be unfamiliar to most of you. If you have not heard of this, then I am pretty sure that you willRead more

Moong Poori

Moong Poori/Puri is perfectly puffed up fried bread, containing the goodness of moong beans.    Getting kids to eat good food can be the most satisfying at the same time most stressful part of parenting. Nothing feels better than watching your kids polish off a healthy homemade food.  Most kids love pooris. My son lovesRead more

Cashew Chicken Stuffed Buns

These are the softest and fluffiest homemade pull-apart buns and they are filled with delicious Cashew Chicken. Doesn’t these rolls look amazing? When you bite into it, it will hit you with the most pleasant burst of flavors. The cashew chicken tucked inside is awesome. I can’t decide which part I like more, the theRead more

Soft Chapathi with a Secret Ingredient

A very soft chapathi with few masalas, herbs and potatoes. Here no water is used to knead the dough, instead the dough is made entirely with mashed potatoes. With this recipe you will get perfect soft chapathis everytime.     This soft chapathis, stay soft because of a secret ingredient. It is not a secretRead more

Butter Naan

Butter Naan, a butter flavored Indian flat bread which goes very well with any sort of curry, as a pizza base and also as wrap for sandwiches. Who doesn’t love homemade bread, Im sure most of you do. I personally love homemade fresh bread even though I get very lazy to make them.:D This oneRead more