Simple Chicken Biryani in Coconut Milk

A simple biryani with very few steps where the masala and the rice is cooked in coconut milk. The flavor and aroma of this biryani is insanely good. If you are looking for a simple biryani recipe for Eid, then look no further. This simple coconut milk based chicken biryani has amazing flavor and isRead more

Balloon Bread Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Mayo Sandwich inside a pillowy, fully puffed up Balloon bread. The filling is super flavorful and can be used in any sandwich. The bread can be eaten as it is or with any curry, just cream cheese or anything you like. This new post is definitely the highlight recipe of Ramadan 2021. I hadRead more

Meatball Puff with Spicy Cheese Sauce

Flaky Puff pastry wrapped around beef meatball along with a spicy sauce, jalapeño and mozzarella cheese.     I am always on a look out for super easy recipes nowadays as you can imagine how it would be with three kids, 6 and under. I do meal plan and prep every Saturday for the entireRead more

Chicken 65 sandwich

This show stopping, flavor packedChicken 65 Sandwich is made with a spicy chicken filling with sautéed onions. I assembled the sandwich in a hot dog bun, along with a generous drizzle of chili mayonnaise and chili garlic sauce. Sandwiches are a hit for Iftar here for us. Since it is not deep fried, we canRead more

Sweet Kataif/Qatayef Samosas

A sweet samosa with cheese filling and a semolina based dough drenched in a rose fragrant sugar syrup. Here is the first recipe for Ramadan 2021 and it will definitely be a keeper for many of you. My kids loved it a lot and even though I made a big batch of this samosas, itRead more

Ramadan Series 2021- Iftar plan for 30 days

I am planning to post three iftar ideas each day just like last year this time as well as you all liked it. I’ll post recipes which are already there in the blog, so you can plan it for the next day. DAY 27: Potato Chop Chicken Pot Pie Knafe naame DAY 26: Pizza BombRead more

Instant Pot Mutton/Lamb Stew

A very comforting Lamb Stew with amazing flavors, pressure cooked in an Instant Pot. Serve it with rice, bread, couscous or even quinoa. It can be enjoyed on its own as a soup too. I have been looking to buy new pressure cooker as I wanted to replace all of my aluminium cookers. That’s whenRead more

Ramadan Calendars 2021

Ramadan Calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Ramadan until the day of Eid. Throughout Ramadan there will be great Islamic reminders along with a treat until Eid day. Have you guys started prepping for Ramadan? I did, as you can tell with Ramadan Calendars. I wanted to make my son excitedRead more

Chicken Shawarma Buddha Bowl

This Buddha bowl is a healthy version of chicken shawarma served in a bowl in a salad form.  You can make your own shawarma bowls at home and enjoy the mouth watering flavors. This is a filling and nutritious salad and so this can be served as a meal for dinner or lunch. Well, thisRead more

IKEA Gladom Table Makeover

Who doesn’t love IKEA Gladom tray table. It is simple and so it works very well with most decor. The best part is the price tag, it just costs 6.950 Kuwaiti Dinar. But with this simple hack, you can transform the basic Gladom table to give it a high-end look. All it takes is goldRead more

Brownies (Gluten free, Dairy free and Sugar free)

This is the best recipe for gluten free brownies. The coconut oil and almond flour combination is on another level which will win your heart for sure. These healthy brownies are sugar free and dairy free as well. Even though I am allergic to gluten and dairy, I always end up making my super deliciousRead more