Flourless Almond & Coconut Cake (Gluten Free)

A Gluten Free Flourless Almond and Coconut Cake that’s moist, tender and incredibly delicious. It takes just few minutes to whip up this recipe, best for busy days. I love this cake, the texture of this cake is ethereal – it’s so moist and buttery with the rich flavor from the almonds and coconut. ItsRead more

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding, a classic British dessert consisting of a moist sponge cake made with dates, smothered in luscious toffee sauce and served with vanilla ice-cream. It is also called Sticky Date Pudding. I am not a great admirer of dates. But this my friends….this is my absolute favorite. You guys won’t believe me, butRead more

Pistachio Cake

This Pistachio Cake with creamy and rich Rose Water flavored Mascarpone frosting is a true celebration cake. The taste of pistachio in this moist cake and the delectable frosting is just too good. I keep hearing “2017” and feel that it is in like 5 years. But here it is, the countdown ended…fireworks extinguished andRead more

Lotus Pudding Cake

A very simple cake, made with crushed lotus biscuits. Then a creamy and delicious pudding made with whipping cream and more crushed biscuits is poured on top of the cake. It is then beautifully garnished with melted biscoff spread. Perfect!     Hope you all are familiar with Lotus biscuits. It is a caramelized biscuitRead more

Super Easy Chocolate Mousse Cake

Super Easy Chocolate Mousse Cake, a very creamy and decadent mousse layered over the a rich chocolate cake made with a box cake mix. So easy and so yummy.    Whoa! It’s been 2 months since I’ve been away! I cannot believe that I took such a long break from blogging. But I am gladRead more

Do Nothing Cake

This really is a do nothing cake because this is too easy. All you have to do is mix up all the ingredients with a spoon and bake. Then pour a rich buttery sauce over the hot cake. No beating, or sifting needed and it tastes and looks so good as if you have spentRead more

Eggless Molten Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake

Marhaba everyone! I know I am a little too late to wish you a happy new year. But hey its still February, soo “Happy new year my dear readers”!!! 😉 Its a brand new year and savory and sweet food is all dressed up for 2016. I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but I definitelyRead more

Chocolate Poke Cake Cheesecake

This cake is amazing, because it combines all things great!!…chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, and cheesecake! Ok, i really feel like having a piece of it now. But, it’s no more. It has already been gobbled up. I should have saved a piece, sigh! Anyways, let me tell you guys a little about the cake. ItRead more

Pistachio Cake with Mohallabieh Cream

    We all love a piece of cake. I love mine with stuff oozing out of it. That you all might have understood by now. For the new people onboard, see these posts, Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, Molten Lava Mug Cake, Molten Lava Basbousa and you will get a clear picture about what i am a talking about. Read more

Molten Lava Basbousa/ Semolina Cake

Eid ul Adha is just around the corner, definitely the time when our minds are busy with recipes for fantastic lunch and delicious desserts.Well, here i have for you the recipe of the traditional middle eastern dessert basbousa with a slight twist. It has a molten chocolatey lava flowing from it. Sounds good, right? ItRead more

Pudding Cake with Kinder Ganache

This cake started innocently with a simple, basic vanilla cake made in a tart pan, and then a custard whipped cream on top. But something happened along the way when i realised that there are some of my favorite kinder maxi bars lying in my kitchen shelf. So i quickly made a nice thick ganacheRead more

Crumb Cake

   I am super excited to bring the recipe of this crumb cake to you all. I know you will love this cake…… C’mon,,, just look at that crumbly delicious topping. It is a generous layer of crisp, buttery crumb on top of a pillowy-soft and moist cake.     This would be a perfect breakfastRead more