Instant Badami Chicken Curry

A quick chicken curry where no sautéing is needed, everything gets cooked instantly in the pressure cooker. Finally to make the gravy rich and thick ground almond along with coconut milk is added.  As most of you know, one of my favorite kitchen tools is the Pressure Cooker. Seriously it is such a blessing. IRead more

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala, succulent pieces of roasted chicken tikka in thick and spicy tomato based gravy. Chicken tikka masala is a very popular dish which you can find in almost all Indian restaurants. It is a close cousin to butter chicken. But I feel that the flavors are more intense in chicken tikka masala. AsRead more

Hyderabadi Dum Chicken

Hyderabadi Dum Chicken is a rich and flavorful curry which has a thick gravy made by cooking fried onions, yoghurt, cashew paste and many other spices on low heat till everything is blended together to form a rich, silky gravy. Hyderabadi food is very very tasty. Once you have it, you won’t forget the taste.Read more

Saucy Chicken 65

A saucy chicken 65 curry, with a rich yoghurt, tomato gravy cooked in butter. It goes perfectly well with Malabar Porota.  Chicken 65 brings a lot of childhood memories for me. There is an old, small restaurant in Deira, Dubai named Najaf restaurant. I have mentioned this restaurant name in the blog before too. TheyRead more

Spicy Indian Style Red Chicken Curry

I love to cook, i do. I dream about food, i really do. But thinking of what to make for dinner everyday makes me want to run away from all this and never come back. Dinner time is really hard. Cooking lunch and dinner with an active toddler makes it a little hard. Wonder howRead more

Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk

This chicken curry with coconut milk is a basic recipe, nothing special or majorly different in this curry. But it tastes awesome and goes well with anything….chapathi, puri, parantha, rice. I make this curry very often at home. High on my list of comfort food would be something traditional from the coastal region (malabar) ofRead more

Hariyali Chicken/ Green Herbed Chicken

All the chicken lovers must be happy to see yet another chicken post. And all the chicken haters will be like, “oh no, here she is with a chicken recipe AGAIN,”. I’m sorry guys, i post so many non-veg recipes because i make them very often at home. My husband is a happy carnivore, hehe!Read more

Chicken Ghee Roast

 This delicious chicken ghee roast is native to the coastal region of the Indian state of Karnataka, Mangalore. You will find this exotic dish in the menu of almost all the restaurants in Mangalore.  This fiery, tangy and super spicy dish is a marvellous invention. This superb dish was introduced to me by my beautifulRead more

Mughlai Chicken Curry

I love mughlai food. The famous mughlai cuisine was developed in the royal kitchens of the mughal emperors in the Indian sub continent. Their food is very rich and flavorful. Nuts, saffron, cream and whole spices like clove, cardamom are a must in their cuisine. Whenever i visit a north Indian restaurant, i get sooRead more

The Perfect Butter Chicken

   This rich, buttery, creamy curry needs no introduction. Butter chicken, without any doubt is one of the most well known and most loved dishes around the world.         I came to know recently from chef Gordon Ramsay’s show,  Gordon’s great escape that this dish has its background in Punjabi cuisine and wasRead more

5 Ingredient Incredibly Easy Chicken Masala

This is a perfect recipe when you don’t  want to spend too much time in the kitchen. This is soo easy that it’s embarassing to post this. Actually I was not planning on posting this recipe, but I couldn’t resist from posting as it is so incredibly delicious and soo flavorful even though you justRead more

Ginger Garlic Chicken

Another chicken recipe…yet again, hahaha! By now you guys might have understood my love for chicken. And with this particular recipe, i am truly, madly and deeply in love. 😉 This is the best ginger garlic chicken i have ever tasted. Usually this dish is prepared in a Chinese style where there would be veryRead more