Butter Chicken Quesadillas

Another fusion dish, which is an Indo-Mexican Butter Chicken Quesadilla. India’s famous dish, butter chicken is placed in the Mexican tortillas and then it is toasted in butter till the tortilla turn crispy and the cheese melts.  Yes, I said it, Butter Chicken Quesadillas! I really don’t know how this idea came in my mind,Read more

Herbed Grilled Chicken and Chips Pita Pockets

Here in this post you will get three different recipes, actually four recipes. It’s like one of those buy one get one free offers, but here visit one recipe post and you will get three bonus recipes. WHOOP WHOOP! 😃 Herbed grilled chicken, coleslaw and pita bread and pita pocket recipes are being published hereRead more

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla 

 I LOVE Mexican food! Whenever my husband says my favorite, magical words, ‘lets eat out’ i always love to go to Mexican restaurants. One of my faav is Taco bell. Love the enchiladas, nachos, chips and salsa, tostadas and many others.    I feel Indian and Mexican food has a lot of similarities. For one thingRead more

Dragon Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  If you guys are looking for a low carb, gluten free yet flavorful recipe, you have come at the right place. Try out this very interesting wrap….dragon chicken lettuce wraps. It is amazing!     This lettuce wraps recipe creates the perfect combination of savory, spicy and crunchy that I just love. Plus they’re easy. AndRead more

Spicy and Tangy Grilled Chutney sandwich

I am posting a vegetarian recipe after a long, long time. I really suck big time at vegetarian dishes. But i was so happy with the results after making this spicy, tangy, sweet, cheesy vegetable grilled sandwich, that i couldn’t stop myself from posting it. Its too good. My sister, for whom the title ofRead more

Shish Taouk Wraps

Homemade shish taouk…yeah!! You know i wouldn’t post a recipe that i don’t love. Well, I’m in love with this recipe. I have cracked the shish taouk code. And its seriously awesome. For those of you who are not familiar with shish taouk, according to wikipedia, it is a traditional Arabic and Turkish kabab, whichRead more

Chicken Sliders

These little burgerettes are the newest creation out of my kitchen. These trendy mini burgers, known as sliders are packed with big flavor. Some of you might have heard the term sliders, but would not have had a clear idea as to what it was. A slider is a tiny sandwich, served on a teenyRead more

Grilled Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich

Meat lovers, u wont miss the meat if you have this terrific grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich. Besides all the veggies- eggplant, potatoes, mushrooms( is it actually a veggie? :s) this sandwich has got two other components which will enhance the taste. They are hummus and garlic sauce ( toum sauce). Moreover, you can neverRead more