Thari Chor-Semolina Biryani

  Today i am introducing a very authentic dish, named Thari chor. This is a speciality from the malabar region of the state of Kerala (India), named Thalassery. Many of you might be familiar with the famous Thalassery biryani. Thalassery takes pride in its rich cuisine, shaped through the years with the influence of Arab, FrenchRead more

Mediterranean Chicken Pulao

Rice is a staple in most Asian houses. Whether it is steamed rice along with a curry, or rice dressed up with spices and other ingredients for a flavorful one-pot meal like the classic biryani or pulao or pilaf. This dish of chicken, rice and spices is found all over the Arab Peninsula and hasRead more

Chicken Pilaf

This is a very delicious and fragrant pilaf/pulao with the flavors of a biryani. Very subtly different from the Biryani is a Pilaf. My understanding of the difference between a Biryani and a Pulao is in its preparation. Biryani is prepared by arranging meat and rice in layers and cooking them together on low flame,Read more

Indian Chicken and Rice with an Arabic Flavor

Weird name huh! I know, but couldn’t think of any other name more apt for this dish. Im calling it so because the masala is made with Indian ingredients, but in the end a single ingredient is added which will give the rice a very authentic Arabic aroma and taste. What is it? Well, itRead more

Schezwan Fried Rice

This is my first rice recipe post in my blog. To be frank this was the first fried rice i made, ever. Otherwise i used to enjoy my mom’s or sister’s creations when i was back home in Dubai. From here, even though i always get to have fried rice from restaurants, i was missingRead more