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Mango Sago Dessert

Creamy rich mango dessert with tapioca pearls and coconut milk. This dessert will blow your mind and is SUPER easy to make with very SIMPLE steps.
Servings: 4 People


  • 3 Tbsp sago/ small tapioca pearls
  • 5 Cups water
  • ¼ Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk or more
  • 1 Cup evaporated milk
  • ¾ Cup full fat thick coconut milk
  • 3 Ripe sweet mangoes Cut in small cubes


  • boil the water and add tapioca pearls, Simmer for about 15 minutes until the tapioca pearls are translucent.
  • meanwhile slice the mangoes.
  • After the tapioca pearls have cooked, strain it and rinse it under cold water. LEt it stay in the water until its time to use. (This way the sago won’t turn hard)
  • Add 2/3rd of the mango in a blender along with evaporated milk and condensed milk. Add more condensed milk if you want it sweeter.
  • Drain tapioca pearls and pour coconut milk in it. I like to refrigerate both mango cream and sago separate and assemble it the next day.
  • To assemble, in glass pour mango cream, then tapioca pearls and finally top it with mangoes.
  • Mix and eat.